Social and Welfare

Chakwal Group is committed to contributing and caring for the welfare of the society in which we operate. We are aware of the social responsibility that our business brings along; hence we strive for employee welfare and development. The group covers housing and medical expenses for its employees and also provides schooling for their children. Chakwal Group also provides recreational and sports facilities for the resident employees at production premises.

Chakwal Group has established a school under the name of “Chakwal Grammar School & College”. It works as a non-profit organization and is operated by an independent body comprising of highly trained and qualified staff. The main purpose of the school is, to provide education to that segment who cannot afford English medium education, at a very cheap cost. The facility is located in Chakwal and it opened its doors to the students in 2001.

We also believe that we should return to Mother Nature what we take from it. When we build factories and plants, we destroy greenery and the land we build our plants on. Keeping this in view, Chakwal group started planting trees in certain areas of Chakwal. In the past 8 years we have planted and are looking after more than 4500 trees at different locations.

The group is a regular donor of SKCMH which helps to treat cancer patients throughout Pakistan and free of cost. We also believe in providing quality religious education to the people of Pakistan. This will help them understand our beautiful religion in a better way. Hence, we provide books and IT equipment to the Government Schools in Chakwal.