Farming Farming is the largest economic activity in Pakistan. Agriculture, small scale forestry, fishing and poultry farming contribute around 50 % of our GDP and employ 80 percent of the labor force.Agricultural products, especially cotton yarn, cotton clothing, raw cotton, rice, are important exports.
Considerable development and expansion of output has occurred since the early 1960s; however, the country is still far from realizing the large potential yield that the well-irrigated and fertile soil from the Indus irrigation system could produce. Chakwal Group is striving hard to expand into farming sector and introducing new technologies, which can improve the yields

Keeping this in view Chakwal group has invested a lot of man power and funds into Agriculture, Dairy and Poultry farming.

PoultryFarming has been at the heart of Chakwal groups business endeavors. Although textile is the core business of the group, the team has tried to explore different avenues of the farming industry as well. Chakwal group started investing into livestock farming a few years back.

AgriculturePakistan's total land area is about 803,940 square kilometers. About 48 million hectares, or 60 percent, is often classified as unusable for forestry or agriculture consists mostly of deserts, mountain slopes, and urban settlements.

DairyYousaf Dairy is a part of Yousaf Weaving Mills Ltd. The company specializes in textiles and dairy products, with a global customer base. Yousaf Dairy Division is situated in a pollution free environment of Kallar Kahar (Chakwal).