Company History The foundations of Chakwal Group were laid down in West Pakistan with a trading house in 1965. First Spinning mill was established in Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan and started production in 1974. Expansions in yarn spinning lead it to be one of the largest yarn producers in Pakistan. Expansions into Value addition were made through a Weaving unit followed by knit fabric projects. Following the idea of diversification, the group also ventured into Cement, PSF and a commercial Bank.


Group Info

Net assests:   12 Billion Rs.
Net revenue:   18.04 Billion Rs.
No. of employees:   7000

Entity Number Of Employees Net Assets Net Revenue
PK Rs. Billions PK Rs. Billions
Kohinoor Spinning (1,2 and 3) 2600 2.4 6.2
Yousaf Weaving Mills (Weaving, Spinning and Dairy) 1850 1.6 3.3
Chakwal Spinning 1070 1.2 2.9
Chakwal Textile 750 1 2
Khawaja M Javed (KMJ) 110 0.3 0.7
Sprout Chicks 70 0.2 0.24
Agriculture and Farm Land 550 5.3 2.7
Total 7000 12 18.04
Net revenue:   18.04 Billion Rs.
No. of employees:   7000

Chakwal Group is a well known industrial group of Pakistan. It started its textile operations in 1974 when Kohinoor Spinning Mill unit 1 was incorporated. Since then Chakwal Group has expanded its operations in textile manufacturing and has diversified into other sectors as well. Currently it operates 6 spinning mills comprising of 160,000 spindles one weaving unit with 160 wide and narrow width looms under the textile umbrella.

The manufacturing technologies and innovative ideas come from Europe, China, Japan and USA. Capitalizing on the region’s principal crop, cotton, we source this locally, and augment our offerings by providing imported fiber from the world’s best crops. We work with specialized fibers bringing in the newest innovations from major fiber and chemical producers, and our manufacturing from yarn to finished fabric is performed in our facilities in Pakistan. Synergies are formed with offshore garment manufacturing companies. Apart from Textiles, Chakwal group is aggressively entering the farming field with investments into live stock and agriculture. Currently we are housing 200000 chicks for commercial poultry supply being produced under the clean and European standard environment. Under Yousaf Weaving, Yousaf dairies is being developed which will be producing organic milk and organic dairy products from 600 animals. From the agriculture perspective, on about 15000 acres of land we produce our own wheat, oranges, peanuts, olives and are experimenting in growing cotton in the Chakwal area. Since its early days, chakwal group has been producing low cost good quality PVC shoes for the masses to cater to the general public. Very recently we have invested into making EVA raison. Under KMJ we use our own raw material to mass produce EVA shoes.

Integrity, sincerity and good name are the factors for a successful organization. We have been continuously striving to improve day by day to serve our clients, our shareholders, and our investors in the best possible manner. It would have been difficult to surpass our previous achievements without our team of devoted and hard working staff. Chakwal group has made devoted efforts to participate in the rapid industrialization of Pakistan and is making its humble contribution in its progress and economic development. The organization has been making consistant progress and I hope that with the Grace of God, devotion of staff and workers we will make further achievements.


To build flexible manufacturing units and cater to the growing global demands, maintaining a lead position in our businesses. At the same time keeping our values based on good business ethics. We aspire to serve our country and to help build a bright future for millions of Pakistanis. Strive to achieve the premier benchmarks of excellence and quality in the services we provide to our customers and to constantly improve our operations and services. To be a competitive and customer focused organization with continuing commitment to excellence and standards. Not forgetting the society and to meet social and cultural obligations towards them, being patriotic and conscientious corporate citizens.