Agriculture Pakistan's total land area is about 803,940 square kilometers. About 48 million hectares, or 60 percent, is often classified as unusable for forestry or agriculture consists mostly of deserts, mountain slopes, and urban settlements. Chakwal is located in Potohar plateau which is not considered to be good agricultural land and the crops are dependent on seasonal rain cycles than the canal irrigation system.

Most of the Groups Land Holding is in Potohar Plateau, which is termed by the experts as unusable land. Over the past 50 years, the family has been investing into buying and developing land for agricultural purposes in the district of Chakwal.
Like all other places Chakwal grows two crops every year. They are not the same as other areas, because the crops depend on rain rather than canal irrigation system. Even the yield per hectare is less compared to the fertile land of Pakistan.

What we grow

Since acquiring our first piece of agricultural land in 1962, Wheat has been the main crop we have grown every year. What started as a mean to meet the family requirements has now developed into a business. We grow wheat on most of our land, which is then used for both commercial and personal purpose.

Peanut is a popular product of Chakwal area. This is the second crop that we grow on our land. This is totally a business venture. Most of our output is sold in the market locally.

The group owns a considerable amount of orange farm land in both Chakwal and Sargodha (the best citrus producing area). It is a winter crop and we produce export quality oranges.

Recent studies by our research team in collaboration with Chakwals irrigation department showed that the terrain of Chakwal and the weather is very suitable for Olive Farming. With the help and expertise from the irrigation department we have planted around 4000 olive trees in Chakwal and will be yielding our first crop by 2014.

Chakwal group entered the field of Dairy Farming a few years ago, keeping in view the ever rising demand of Milk in the country. Since then we have been growing Corn and Rhodes grass on regular basis in order to meet the feed demand for our Dairy Farm.

Apart from this, small parts of land are used for growing Roses of all sorts, Potatoes, Chick Peas and other sorts of vegetables depending on the season. Most of these products are grown to meet the daily needs of the family.