Spinning Chakwal group has around 160,000 spindles, which are operationally organized into 6 spinning units; the entire machinery is from world-renowned manufactures. The flag ship company of Chakwal Group is Kohinoor Spinning comprising of 80,000 spindles, distributed into three separate units which are tailor made to make specialized yarns. The unit has its own in house doubling and is capable of producing 75 tons of cotton and blended yarn per day.

All yarns made are Ring Spun suitable for both knitting and Weaving. Besides the best Pakistani cotton, long stapled American, Egyptian cottons and US Pima cotton is also used for fine counts. For our strong belief in product development and innovation we have our own in house state of the art cotton and yarn testing laboratories. For further control of contamination in spinning, devices like Vision Shield / Loptex at blow room stage and Uster Quantum / Lopfe at autocone have been installed. All Spinning Units of Chakwal Group are Usterized.

Kohinoor Spinning

Chakwal Spinning

Chakwal Textile

Yousaf Spinning


From the day the foundations of our first Spinning unit were laid, the strategy has been to use the latest and most trusted technologies for manufacturing the best possible Yarn. For this purpose all the machinery being used in our Spinning units has been imported from well reputed suppliers/manufacturers based in Japa Germany and China. At Chakwal Group we upgrade our machinery regularly to maintain the quality of our Yarn and satisfaction of our clients.

Machinery INFO
Machinery Detail
BLOW ROOM Scutchers OHTORI Truzchler 1991
Scutchers OHTORI Truzchler 1990
Loptex Optosonic 2005
Loptex Hp 2001
Blendo Mate Cross Roll 2006
Chute Feed Trutzschler 2012
Trutzschler TC 07 2009
Howa CMK 3 1991
Crossroll MK-4 1992
Crossroll MK-6 2006
Trutzschler TC 07 2012
Trutzschler TC 11 2013
Pre Comber
Howa DFK 2 CS 1991
Lap Former
Howa DY-5 1991
Howa DY-5 1987
Rieter E-32 2006
Howa KZ-3 1991
KZ 1987
Rieter E-65 2006
Howa DFK 2CS 1991
Rieter RSB 951 1996
Rieter RSB 951 1997
Rieter RSB D35 2005
Rieter RSB D30 2001
Toyota DX-8 LT 2007
Trutzschler TD-8 2013
Howa RME 1991
Howa RME 1987
China FA 415 A 2005
Howa UA 33 F 1991
UA 33 F(with pinter lycra) 1991
UA 33 1984
UA 33 E(with capio slub) 1984
China EJM 128 2002
EJM 168(with pinter compact) 2005
EJM 168(with sussen compact) 2005
EJM 168(with china compact) 2005
EJM 168(with china compact) 2001
Auto Coners
Murata Mach Coner 7-II 1991
Savio ORION 2007
Murata 21-C 2005
Savio POLAR 2013
Murata 21-C Q PRO 2013
Singing Singing Machine SSM 1988
Cheese Winding Murata 23 1987
Cheese Winding Murata 23 1991
TFO Murata 363 1989
TFO VTS-08 Volkman 2000
Packing Pallet Packing Machine 2000
Air Conditioning LUWA automated
Filter Dust Collector LUWA
Boge 55kw 2008
Boge 37kw 2005
Boge 7.5kw 2005
Sanco 11kw 1991
Meiji 5.5kw 1991
HVI Spectrum DB-602-05
Uster Tester III UT3-IIC3, Manf No.4303
Tenso Rapid III Manf No.4714
Classimate II
Lea Machine
Strength Machine
Wrapping Drum
Sherly Analyser

Divided into six separate units, the yarn department of Chakwal group is designed and equipped to cater different markets. Spinning section of Chakwal group produces all counts of cotton yarn, PC yarn, PP yarn and PV yarn on regular basis. Apart from the regular run of the mill items we have a fair amount of experience in making specialized yarns, technical yarns and blended yarns.

Cotton Yarns
Count range NE 10/1 to NE 40/1
Put ups and Finishing: Paper Cones & dye-cones. Waxing conditioning, autoclaving, pallet packing avaible.
  1. Combed knitting Yarns
      available in compact and conventional.
  2. Core-Spun yarns   (for greige weaving & Denim)
    available in carded and combed.With: 40 D, 70 D, and 140 DLYCRA or Spandex
  3. Ring TFO   (Siro/ Eli Twist)
    available in compact and conventional.
  4. Gassed Yarns
  5. Yarn on Dye-Cones
  6. Duo-Core Yarn   for Denim
  7. TFO Yarns
Synthetic Yarns
Count Range NE 16/1 to NE 60/1
Fibers include (but not limited to): Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Nylon, Lyocel, Tencel, Wool, Bamboo
  1. Polyester-Viscose-Acrylic Yarns   (any blend/ ratio)
    For knitting or Weaving with 100% virgin fibers
  2. Aramid Yarns   (any blend/ ratio)
  3. Fire Retardant Yarns   (any blend/ ratio)
  4. CoolMax-Thermolite-Lycra Yarns   (any blend/ ratio)
  5. TFO Yarns

All our companies are ISO certified for export quality yarn. We have been one of the biggest Yarn exporters of Pakistan for the past forty Years. In the local market we sell our yarn to well-reputed companies like Nishat and Sapphire. To maintain the quality we have established word class laboratories at our factories, where daily testing of yarn and our raw materials takes place. We believe in correcting our mistakes before the product reaches our client. After all customer satisfaction from quality is what we strive for.