Chakwal Group is a well known industrial group of Pakistan. It started its textile operations in 1974. The Group has expanded its operations in textile manufacturing and has diversified into other sectors as well. Currently it operates 6 spinning mills comprising of 160,000 spindles one weaving unit with 160 wide and narrow width looms under the textile umbrella.

Apart from Textiles, Chakwal group is aggressively entering the farming field with investments into livestock and agriculture. Currently housing 200000 chicks for commercial poultry supply being produced under the clean and European standard environment. Under Yousaf Weaving, Yousaf dairies is being developed which will be producing organic milk and organic dairy products from 600 animals. From the agriculture perspective, on about 15000 acres of land we produce our own wheat, oranges, peanuts, olives and are experimenting in growing cotton in the Chakwal area.

Since its early days, Chakwal group has been producing low cost good quality PVC shoes for the masses to cater to the general public. Very recently we have invested into making EVA raison. Under KMJ we use our own raw material to mass produce EVA shoes.

our businesses

SPINNINGChakwal group has around 160,000 spindles, which are operationally organized into 6 spinning units; the entire machinery is from world-renowned manufactures. The flag ship company of Chakwal Group is

WEAVINGYousaf Weaving Mills Limited is one of the premier manufacturers of Textile Products in Pakistan. Our company was founded in 1988 and since its inception it has been a leader in textile field and has grown from a

FARMINGFarming is the largest economic activity in Pakistan. Agriculture, small scale forestry, fishing and poultry farming contribute around 50 % of our GDP and employ 80 percent of the labor force. Agricultural products, especially cotton yarn, cotton clothing, raw cotton, rice, are important exports

CHEMICALSFoundations of Chakwal Group of industries were laid in Dhaka, Bangladesh 1965 before the partition. Khawaja Muhammad Yousaf, pioneer of the group, established a PVC shoe manufacturing plant.