Sprout Chicks Farming has been at the heart of Chakwal groups business endeavors. Although textile is the core business of the group, the team has tried to explore different avenues of the farming industry as well. Chakwal group started investing into livestock farming a few years back. Investments into Dairy and Poultry farming were made simultaneously. Under the banner of “Sprout Chick” and in partnership with one of the leading Poultry Companies of Pakistan the group has established poultry breeding houses both for breeder and broiler in the potohar region. The basic aim of the project is to run and maintain poultry breeding houses on modern lines.

our aim

Our aim is to become the biggest poultry producing enterprise in Pakistan in the next 25 years with the object to produce highest quality of house hold brand processed and unprocessed chicken meat and chicken meat products. Our mission is to maintain excellence in our business with the object to benefit the consumers, stake holders as well as employees and: to improve the quality by producing quality products.


Sprout Chicks is running breeder houses having a breeding capacity of 80000 birds. The project is located near Fateh Jang District Attock equipped with latest imported machinery from Big Herdsman. The annual production capacity of chicks is over 12 million. The breeders in our houses are from breeding lines of Hubbard and Arbor acre. The chicks are supplied to all type of farmers throughout Pakistan. Some of the production is used by the company itself in its own broiler houses. The breeding of the birds is carried out according the guidelines provided the grand parent companies. Strict measures are taken about Bio Security at our farms. We ensure the best quality broiler chick delivery to our customers from in house hatcheries located at different locations in the country.


The project is situated at village Ratta Sharif near Kalar Kahaar Distt. Chakwal. The multi storey buildings of the control shed have been designed and constructed under the environmental protection method in the best suitable area for poultry breeding. Total breeding capacity of broiler chicks in sprout chicks exceeds 140,000 chicks per flock (around 45 days). The sheds are equipped with the latest and modern state of the art imported machinery. The annual production capacity of the project is to breed 950,000 broiler birds.
Again strict measures are taken for Bio Security in and around our sheds. All the vaccine and medication programs are prepared by the best vetnaterians of the country. We guarantee the best quality meat available to our customers.

Feeding and drinking systems Big Herdsman (China)
Heating Munters (Italy)
Cooling fans and Pads Munters (Italy)