Yousaf Dairy Yousaf Dairy is a part of Yousaf Weaving Mills Ltd. The company specializes in textiles and dairy products, with a global customer base. Yousaf Dairy Division is situated in a pollution free environment of Kallar Kahar (Chakwal). Currently our Dairy consists of more than 600 milking animals and the production of milk exceeds 15000 liters daily. Milk is produced under strict quality control and hygienic conditions due to which we guarantee premium quality milk for our customers. We intend to be the leader in providing best quality milk to our customers.

Milk Extraction

Yousaf dairy uses milking parlor for extracting the milk. Our milking machines have been imported from reliable manufacturers like “DELAVAL” from Sweden. The Milking parlor has the capacity of milking 40 cows at one particular time. Cows enter the fishbone parlor in groups and stand at an angle to the milking pit, so that only the udder part of the cow is exposed to the laborer. Milk then travels through pipes into chillers which store the milk at less than 4C until it is transported to its destination. The use of advanced machinery enables us to minimize human contact, thus, reduce chances of contamination.

Quality Management

In today’s challenging business environment, the consumers want the best in everything. They want to know that the food they eat is safe and wholesome and we feel at Yousaf Dairies that it is our job to satisfy them. Technology and scientific understanding are used to guide and monitor the production of milk. The milk being produced meets all the nutritional facts required under state health and quality standards. Whole production process is monitored very closely by our staff. Special care is taken in the storage of milk, the temperature and atmosphere. The use of medicines on animals is done under the close watch of our farm manager, in order to prevent any residues in milk. All the equipment that is used in the milking process is properly washed and sanitized.